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Thread: Design options/option sets

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    Default Design options/option sets

    I have a project with 2 design option sets and several options in each (one set for exterior, one for interiors). Is it possible to pick the primary option for only one set but still keep the options for the other set? When I clicked on the exterior option set and clicked on Accept Primary, it said it was going to delete the views associated with secondary options in BOTH option sets. This is not going to work. The client wants to have different interior layouts depending on the number of tenants, but has decided on an exterior scheme.... so what do I do?

    *edit* nevermind, the other interior views had some of the secondary exterior options set to display, so I had to change them all to display the primary exterior option to keep them from being deleted when accpeting the exterior option set.
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    Default Re: Design options/option sets

    It should only apply to the option set that you currently have selected. The other option set is not effected.

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