In a previous AutoCAD wish list this was #8 and I thought sure it would make it into AutoCAD. So far it hasn't and it would be great. When you xref drawings into AutoCAD anything is paperspace is not brought into the drawing; however, all of the layers in the drawing are brought in. So any layers that make up the titleblock, PS text layers all come in and are totally worthless. If all layers in PS were left out when a drawing was xref'd in that would make detailing of mechanical parts MUCH simpler. For example if you have a solid model of a bracket. You can create a titleblock, PS viewports and dimension and annotate it all in PS. Then when that part is xref'd into other drawings to make assemblies all of the PS and totally worthless layers would not come with the part. I have a piece of machinery that has about 450 parts. If I have 3 layers in PS for each part then in the assembly drawing I will have 3 x 450 = 1350 layers that are unnecessary. If they can exclude blocks and any entities in PS when a drawing is xref'd in then they should be able to exclude layers that are only in PS. I sure hope AutoCAD does do this. It would save a whole bunch of us a whole bunch of aggravation. Thanks, Jack Foster.