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Thread: Need to have a "new" menu load back to the old way.

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    Angry Need to have a "new" menu load back to the old way.

    Am I the only person who has problems with the "new" "CUI"?. I feel that the new CUI should be abandoned and the "old" method of loading partial menus should be brought back!. Either that or the "new" CUI should be fixed enough or brought to be automatic enough to load old partial menu files on so that they work without having to do a half a million steps to "fix" them after trying the "automatic" method. You can't even load in the fullest Autodesk menus with having to do a lot of extra work that "we" shouldn't have to do. So how about it, are you as disgusted with the new "CUI" as I am?

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    Default Re: Need to have a "new" menu load back to the old way.

    I have the same opinion.
    I have tried many ways with the CUI but get a error message that I can not use anything of. I beleive that if the program lets you do somthing as import an menu, the at least the error message should tell the user what is wrong and "Do so in stead..."
    You should not be allowed to something illegal, and get an nonsence message.

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