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    Ok, this is not directly related to Revit, so maybe it should go in "out there" but it has to do with hardware, so I'm putting it here. Here is my question for anyone who may be able to answer it:

    I have a monitor that I've had for maybe 2 years and a while ago it started blinking once in a while. A bit later it went black and didn't come back on. The power light was still on, and when I let it sit and then moved the mouse, it made the click noise and static sound like it was coming back on, but nothing ever showed up. I assumed at first that the monitor was dead, because when I pluged another (older) one in to the computer it worked. However, several days later that monitor did the same thing. In order to test a bit more, I decided to plug the monitors into my wife's laptop as a second monitor. The first one that I plugged in was my original monitor, and it did the same thing as when it was plugged into the main computer. However, when I plugged the second monitor into the laptop, it worked fine...

    soo.... all that I can think of is that somehow the video card fried on me and took the first monitor with it somehow. Does that make some sense? Anyone know for sure what it could be?

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    Sounds like a possibility. The fan cooling the chip on one of our video cards failed. The behavior caused by the chip overheating was very similar to the behavior you described. In our case the monitor was not damaged but I suspect that its possible that a failing card could fry a monitor.

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