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Thread: Plotter IP address automatically changed

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    Default Plotter IP address automatically changed

    how can an ip address change from the plotter automatically. nobody has touched it nor the server. it somehow changed. any input.

    -thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Plotter IP address automatically changed

    If the Plotter is set to "Obtain an IP Address automatically" from a DHCP server, and your server is running DHCP, then it is possible that the plotters IP address lease on the DHCP Server expired while the plotter was turned off or disconnected. If this happens then a new address will be given to the plotter by the DHCP Server when it is powered back on. If the Plotter is on when the address lease expires, usually the same address is re-leased, but this is not guaranteed under DHCP.

    I would recommend giving the Plotter a static IP address that is then excluded from the DHCP address pool so that it isn't inadvertently leased to another device on the network causing an IP address conflict.

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