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Thread: need to hire someone to write lisp routines

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    Default need to hire someone to write lisp routines

    I need to hire someone to write some complex lisp routines for me that are far past my current ability. Please send me a message if you are interested

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    Default Re: need to hire someone to write lisp routines


    I personally suggest posting a complete outline / proposal, showing exactly what it is you are hoping to achieve ie

    Pseudo Code

    Why? - I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the generosity of AUGI members, and exactly how far they are willing to go for free when helping another AUGI member.

    After all isn't that what AUGI is all about - Free peer-to-peer support.

    If there are any AUGI members who feel that ( after reviewing your "complete outline / proposal" ) what you are asking warrants payment of some kind, I suggest they contact you directly via email or PM ( and not here on the forums ).

    Thanks, Mike

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