This is a general question for other tags but is easiest to demonstrate using Wall Tags. Our wall types use a 2-4 character Type Mark depending on the construction with a square tag. We prefer it as small as possible and when using 4 characters to stack them.

First, I have the background transparent for the Type Mark parameter yet the "size" of the text masks the leader. We would like to make the box even smaller but cannot determine how to avoid the space between the leader and the graphic. Clip Wall Tag.

Second, is there a way to change the line spacing (as in Word or Publisher or AutoCAD) so the space between AB and CD is smaller? I was unable to find a way to adjust this either in a label or text. Again, we want the box smaller if possible - in other tags also. Clip More Wall Tags.

Third, since this is a Type Mark, in order to wrap the text, I must put a space (for example) between AB and CD. Therefore, when we generate a wall type schedule, the space causes issues in sorting order. Is there a way to avoid the space and have the text wrap in the Type Mark (Shift + Enter does not work)? Clip Schedule.

Thank you,