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Thread: Tablet PC usage for AutoCAD 2006LT in school

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    Default Tablet PC usage for AutoCAD 2006LT in school

    We are using this program for the first time, and to better handle high school student interest we have invested in Projector, and computer system demo. I have a tablet PC and wish to use the pen in AUTOCAD., to highlight and emphasize things on the screen. Can anyone be of help?..and don't refer me back to the AUTODESK people, they are clueless!!! Hope business users or others in Education may have a way of actively using the pen during autocad sessions., just as a mark up type addition, not to save, plot or publish in anyway.

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    Default Re: Tablet PC usage for AutoCAD 2006LT in school

    This doesn't exactly answer your question, but you might find it of interest.

    Notice the picture... his 2 year old daughter is using a Tablet PC with AutoCAD and a pen. I don't think you'll have many problems.
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