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Thread: Contour labels plotting upside-down

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    Default Contour labels plotting upside-down

    Ok...This has been covered at least somewhat in the Forums before. I'm going to try to give as much information as possible to clarify the situation...

    I have a basemap with existing and proposed contours in it. This same basemap is referenced (xref) in two different drawings. The first plan drawing (1"=50') has both sets of contours visible and plotting correctly. As a side note, some viewports in this drawing have a "dview-twist" applied to them. I have NOT had any problems with the contour labels plotting correctly with this drawing.

    The second plan drawing (1"=30') also has both sets of contours visible and plotting. The viewports in this drawing have NO twist or rotation applied to them. As long as I'm looking at this drawing, the contour labels appear correctly...the issue comes when the sheets are plotted and the contour labels are no longer "plan-readable" (and yes the option is selected to make the labels plan readable in both the basemap and the plan drawings). This condition does not apply to all contours (if I remember correctly, the labels will read in the direction that the contours were created).

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    Default Re: Contour labels plotting upside-down

    Are you plotting both drawings to the same printer/plotter, using the same settings (PC3)?

    I have discovered that, at least with Acad 2006, the direction of contours is determined by the way the paper is loaded in the printer!!! Simply changing the printer can cause contour labels to print incorrectly.

    I have been able to get around this problem by creating a PC3 file for my "problem printer" that sets the printer to print in landscape mode. This causes the printer to tell Autocad that it has paper loaded in landscape mode, and then Autocad rotates the contour labels correctly. If I want to print in portrait mode, I send files straight to the printer; if I want to print in landscape mode, I use the PC3 file.

    Unfortunately, it means a special PC3 file is required just in order to print in landscape mode with certain printers...

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