I am trying to create a "test" enterprise CUI in AutoCAD 2006. I am using an acad.cui as my template.

So far I have managed to place a custom pull-down menu, which was imported from an existing mnu, at pop11. Imported with the pull-down there is an interface element that used to initiate what I think was something like a menu swap (ID_SS_SYMB [$SS Symbols…]$I=SS.image_SSsymmbols $I=*) that used to bring up, call, an image tile menu.

As far as I can tell this menu swap will no longer work in the current environment for more reasons than I can probably guess not the least of which must be that the original image tile menu that is called was not and could not be imported.

My thought is to create a new image tile menu in the image tile menus node in the legacy node of the CUI I am creating and then, somehow, call it (menu swap?) from the pull-down. But I don't know if this will work nor how to make it work. Can anyone help?