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Thread: Perform calculations on the fly

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    Default Perform calculations on the fly

    Summary: Perform calculations on the command line within a command without having to type 'cal

    Description: I would like to be able to perform calculations on the fly instead of having to type 'cal.

    How Used: We reproduce a lot of our customers blueprints to produce geometry used for the manufacture of our parts. Would probably be used most during tracking. Features are sometimes dimensioned ordinately but other features are stacked up and dimensioned off of other features. For example circle command @1+2.5-.375,4-2.5+7.125

    Feature Affinity: Drawing Tools 2D

    Submitted By: DOUG ROGERS on January 14, 2006
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    Default Re: Perform calculations on the fly

    This wish is actually very useful. Most other CAD and CAM platforms allow users to enter expressions on the command line or any numeric data field whereby the formula or expression can resolve to a value.

    It's a VERY OLD wish and therefor it probably is overlooked.

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    Default Re: Perform calculations on the fly

    and it's do-able today (and has been for a couple of _decades_.

    If typing 'cal is to much work, then just use LISP syntax anytime the command line needs a number.
    (- 14.74 (/ 0.018 (getdist))) happens to be one I use when setting elevations for ADA compliance and want a cross slope of less than 2%

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