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Thread: Database help

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    Default Database help

    Hi Everyone

    Really was not sure where to post this, so if it is more appropriate on another forum please feel free to move.

    So the scenario is
    I have a sql database populated with amongst other things attributes written out from dwg building floorplans with links to web based dwfs to enable end users to view the drawings in dwf format over the t'internet.

    I have been asked how we can create a live link from dwg to sql.
    The requirements being that if somebody adjusts a closed polyline in the cad file the area is recalculated in the database field.

    I have looked at dbconnect and appreciate l can update labels/attributes from the dwg causing the database fields to reflect thest changes.

    Assuming this is achievable how could I (easily) populate the database with the closed polyline info from my existing dwg's?
    Indeed is there an easy way to reference all the existing database fields to the dwg attributes, as at present the two are unrelated(not linked)
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    Default Re: Database help

    Have you tried DbConnect?
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