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Thread: Printer Margin Woes

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    Cool Printer Margin Woes

    Here's my problem:
    I have a workgroup of 6 identical CAD workstations. Each machine is running Windows XP Pro with the latest service packs. We are all running Autodesk Land Desktop 2004, SP2. Our CTB and PC3 files are saved in a common folder on the server. All system printer drivers are loaded from the server also. So, all machines are practically clones of each other.
    The problem is, when I print to our color LaserJet (HP8500 N) or our small color inkjet (HP2600), my sheets come out fine. If anyone else in the group prints to them, the printers cut off an edge of the drawing frames. I have made sure all machines are showing the same PMP files attached to the PC3s. The only thing I haven't checked is printer calibration from each machine (from AutoCAD's "Plotter Configuration Editor") but only because I can't find any differences between test sheets.

    Is there something else I should be looking for to explain these inconsistent margins between workstations?
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    Default Re: Printer Margin Woes

    I have been having a similar problem

    whenever i try to print the extents, or even if i make a window of the area i wish to print, the print is cut off. only by a slight bit, but it cuts of the frame of my template. i plot to fit the paper, and the preview shows it fitting.
    I am using a canon ir c2000 printer and we have the latest driver. could it be a compatibility issue between the driver and autocad? printing the same drawing on another printer seems to work fine.

    or could it be a calibration issue with the printer? although it prints all other files perfectly. even the same drawing converted to a pdf then printed works out ok.


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