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Thread: dtext - moving cursor to new text line

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    Default dtext - moving cursor to new text line

    I use to be able to select "dtext" and enter type text, then i would move the cursor (mouse) and be able to enter more text in another part of the drawings.(while still in the "dtext" command) but since I loaded 2006 (desktop) When I move the cursor the "dtext" command cancels, I can enter only one line text unless I hit enter on my keyboard , I can do mutlilines of text that way. but that is not good for me because i need to have the text all over my drawing, not just under the previous line of text . I then have to "move" each line of text where i want it to be located.
    Can someone help. i want to use "dtext" like it use to work. Again I need to enter many lines of text in a drawing but located all over the drawing. not just in a column.

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    Default Re: dtext - moving cursor to new text line

    Setting DTEXTED to 1 will give you the old behaviour.

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