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Thread: Property lines: how to subdivide?

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    Default Property lines: how to subdivide?

    I have an AutoCAD file of a site survey, showing property lines with distances and bearings. The overall site is sort of a rectangle, with a property line passing down the middle, dividing the property into 2 lots. The distances and bearings shown are for the outside property lines, but it doesn't give me any distances for the subdividing line from the outside corner.

    So I created the overall property using a table, inputting the values shown on the survey. Now if I draw the subdividing line, it says it's not closed and area will not be computed. What would be the best way to go about this? I don't guess there would be a way to add the subdividing line in the table. I'm guessing I would probably just end up having to make 2 separate areas with one side of each overlapping. If that's the case, how could I show a total area of the whole property?

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    Default Re: Property lines: how to subdivide?

    Create two new lots, by sketching, directly over the existing property lines, dividing the lot as shown. Then delete the original.

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