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Thread: DWF Viewer 6.5 Functions in DWF Composer 2.0

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    Default DWF Viewer 6.5 Functions in DWF Composer 2.0

    My company has had a DWF Comper 1.0 for several months. When the new DWF Viewer (6.5) came out in late November, we got the update and installed it. On machines that had DWF Composer, the new functions (i.e. cutting sections in 3D DWF files) were available in composer after the viewer update.

    We recently upgraded our DWF Composers to release 2.0. When we completed the first install of the 2.0, the functions from DWF Viewer 6.5 were no longer available. I have tried re-installing the Viewer update, but that did not seem to work.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue when upgrading or have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: DWF Viewer 6.5 Functions in DWF Composer 2.0

    When Autodesk DWF Composer R1 was out, followed by Autodesk DWF Viewer 6.0, a user could install DWF Viewer 6.0 and the new functions would appear in DWF Composer. This was because the new functions were implemented in some libraries that were shared among the two products.

    I have Autodesk DWF Composer R2 on my system. I had hoped for a repeat performance when Autodesk DWF Viewer 6.5 came out. Not so. The new functionality involves UI in the DWF Viewer itself - not just the common libraries. For now I have both products on my system. I normally use Autodesk DWF Composer as my default for the Open Command. When I want to use sectioning or pull apart on a DWF, I use the right-click "Open With" and select Autodesk DWF Viewer.

    Autodesk DWF Composer R3 (which will be called Autodesk Design Review) will rectify the differences between the products.

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