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Thread: Gradients with other hatches

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    Default Gradients with other hatches

    Summary: The ability to apply a gradient to hatches, allowing them to go from darker to lighter, but still remain opaque.

    Description: I would like AutoCAD to support gradients with other hatches in addition to solid. Gradients would be useful in hatches such as: AR-CONC, AR-SAND, and other hatches with 'random' patterns.

    How Used: In our Landscape Architectural office, like most other architectural offices, aesthetics is everything. Gradients in AR-SAND would be used to show lawn 'fading' away towards edges for a desirable effect. We do this presently by using numerous hatches of various scales to get the effect.

    Feature Affinity: Hatch

    Submitted By: Maziar Sahihi on January 26, 2006
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    This wish has been reported as granted and already in the software.

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