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Thread: STB plotting vs. CTB plotting

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    Question STB plotting vs. CTB plotting

    We are still using the color table files for plotting. (I work for the government and "that's the way we have always done it") But I went to Autodesk University last year and attended a class on Styles. Some pretty convincing reasons to switch (at least for certain types of drawings). I want to start with out county map but would like a source for some samples of how others set up their STB files. (How you name each style, do you make a "Master" for pen sizes and then copy the file and edit the new one for say different colors?) For example, we still plot the map for certain people to look like a blue-line print. Blue seems to be alot easier to read than black-line for some. Then we also plot the same map in color for certain applications and also in black for the public. Just looking for examples of what works to reduce the learning curve. Thanks in advance.

    Daryl Standrich

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    Default Re: STB plotting vs. CTB plotting


    For starters you could try this thread ( Lineweights - CTB's or STB's ).

    Have a good one, Mike

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