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Thread: 3D to 2D conversion tool

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    Default 3D to 2D conversion tool

    Summary: A better way to convert 3D drawings to 2D drawings when not using solids.

    Description: I would like to have an exact 3D to 2D conversion tool in model space.

    How Used: There is only an OLD and unaccurate DXB (or WMF) option to do such conversions in model space. Layouts support it, but only for solid models. Such a conversion would be a great feature for architects with possibility to convert solids as well as surfaces (terrains) or objects with thichness. 2D projection drawings would offer a wide possibility making use of the new 2D presentation graphics capabiliies.

    Feature Affinity: 3D

    Submitted By: Vesna Kriznar on February 3, 2006

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    Default Re: 3D to 2D conversion tool

    A really good flatten tool, that flattens the contents of blocks, aec objects, 3D solids and surfaces, 3D polylines, plines with thickness, etc to teh WCS, or a specified UCS, would be a great tool. The current flatten falls way short on a regular basis, and if they give us a new one that is really well designed, they could satisfy your needs as well as mine.

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    Default Re: 3D to 2D conversion tool

    If you look inside Flatten.LSP and Flattensup.LSP that are used for the Express "Flatten objects" command, you will see that WMF conversion is the base and so it is inaccurate. A simple case shows it...If you make a solid box that has a length of 300cm - after flattening you get a rectangle with length of 768.18004. It is simply not usable!


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    Default Re: 3D to 2D conversion tool

    "Extrusion direction relative to UCS" is the most critical problem we are facing now.
    It requires immediate attention of AutoCAD developers and immediate resolution.
    Non-coplanar objects, aka "objects that are not parallel to current UCS", rack havoc on our drawings, and nothing we have to fix it. We need this tool more then anything else.
    Stop add any functionality to AutoCAD until you give us effective, simple and reliable tool to flatten our drawings without damaging them.
    NUMBER ONE PROBLEM, I can't emphasise more how important to fix it!

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