Summary: For the mtext offset to be assocated with the actual text and not the mtext boundary

Description: MTEXT
RE: Background Mask
Problem: I would like for the MTEXT to not alter the background border offset factor while dragging the MTEXT box left or right. Previous versions of Autocad (Pre2006) would allow the user to set the border offset factor (i.e. 1.5) and the offset factor would be uneditable. Now in 2006 you can set your offset factor but also the user is able to drag the offset border to a desired size. This is taking too much effort to size an MTEXT background mask each time I alter the text content.

How Used: If I could just set the MTEXT background mask to wrap around the text extents and not the background mask extents it would save me the hassle of editing it each time I edit the text content.

Feature Affinity: MText

Submitted By: Shawn Samaniego on February 9, 2006