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Thread: RPC 3.5 + Revit 6

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    This is from Archvisions latest (April ) Newsletter.

    I'm really not sure what this means for Revit users. It sounds as though we can ( maybe soon ) use 3.5 RPC content ?

    My understanding is that Revit currently only supports RPC 2.0 content, not 3.0. The 3.0 content is the more complex '2.5D' and '3.5D' including some terrific cars as well as the animated RPC content.

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    Default Re: RPC 3.5 + Revit 6

    I visit the Accurender newsgroup quite often, and it's not as simple as it sounds (impossible) for Revit users to get RPC 3.0 support. Because Accurender doesn't support plugins like Viz does, we have to wait for the development team at McNeel to add RPC 3.0 support (which they are doing for AR4). Then there is the issue of whether or not Autodesk will adapt the latest version of AR for use within Revit. Currently the only solution I am aware of is to export Revit models to another program that supports RPC 3.0 content. It's incompatability issues like this that make being on the cutting edge of BIM software troublesome sometimes. But I still love Revit!

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