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Thread: Controlling OLE point size

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    Default Controlling OLE point size

    I've just upgraded from ACAD 2005. In order to make all the excel tables with almost the same text height as the text in drawings and not being truncated, I set up a template for the excel spreadsheet using Arial narrow font with text height 8 and 14 only. However when I paste a table and change text size using OLESCALE command, the OLE Point size in the command dialogue window is 10 and 17. These values should be the same as what I've set up in the template. I would like to ask how can I control the OLE text size as what I've done in ACAD 2005.

    PS: I'm using Windows 2000(sp4)
    ACAD 2006
    Office 2000

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    Default Re: Controlling OLE point size

    Quote Originally Posted by f127642277
    PS: I'm using Windows 2000(sp4)
    ACAD 2006
    Office 2000

    Have you reviewed all the information found in the following thread...

    Working with OLE (eg Excel) Objects within a drawing file


    You might be out of luck, AutoCAD 2006 likes to use Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP1 or SP2 with Office XP or 2003.

    Have a good one, Mike

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