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Thread: AutoCAD 2007 and Vault

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    Default AutoCAD 2007 and Vault

    Probably the wrong forum for this post but here goes...

    I've been looking over the AutoCAD 2007 Release Comparison Matrix and am scratching my head as to how I could benefit from using Vault. As a CAD Manager for an architectural firm would Vault be something I would consider using?

    My understanding from what I've read and demos I've seen is that Vault is data management for engineering and manufacturing. Anyone have any thoughts on how Vault could be applied in the architectural discipline?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: AutoCAD 2007 and Vault

    Hi Kerry

    Please note I have *moved* this thread from the AutoCAD 2006 General forum to this one, as I feel this particular forum is a more appropriate place for such a topic.

    Thanks, Mike

    Forum Moderator

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    Default Re: AutoCAD 2007 and Vault

    Good question..............also, are there any online tutorials available for
    Vault? All my users will be getting a copy in a few weeks.

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