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    Default Block Definition

    I have a Block of a Stair tower in my plan that I have copied 8 times
    One of the Stair Blocks I would like to show as a Different color, but still
    have it part of the original. I can explode it, but is there a way to keep the
    block and have it show in mutable colors.??? Not just the layer color.???

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    Default Re: Block Definition

    Is this a plain Acad block or an ADT object? Was it created as an element? What layer did you create it on. Blocks created on layer 0 will take on the color of the layer they are inserted on. As far as I know you can't. If all 8 blocks are in the same drawing the answer is no. You can't display the same block 2 different ways in the same drawing. Update one, they all update. If it's and ADT based object and it contains a style, you can do a copy/assign new style and create a different block.

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