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Thread: Lisp code when inserting blocks from tool palettes

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    Default Lisp code when inserting blocks from tool palettes

    Summary: The ability to allow a lisp program or value to determine the scale a block is inserted at when brought in through a tool palette

    Description: Hi, I would like AutoCAD to enter a lisp code or any variable eg:!var1 or (var1), when inserting anyblock via toolpalettes.

    How Used: for now, is not useful in our office to use the toolpalettes because we use to many client programs for automatic insetion scale...need to re-scale all block.

    Feature Affinity: Tool Palette

    Submitted By: Andrea Andreetti on February 21, 2006

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    Default Re: Lisp code when inserting blocks from tool palettes

    Absolutely! Until Tool Palettes have the flexibility to support both "Pre" and "Post" options they have very little use in my universe. While the idea is nice, the implementation of tool palettes is pretty weak
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