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Thread: Using VB6 to start Acad with profile

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    Unhappy Using VB6 to start Acad with profile

    I have been trying to start acad(v15) with VB6 using a certain profile. I can get it to open, it hangs.

    The code I have is :

    Public Sub get_autocad()
        Dim strProfileName As String
        Dim acadApp As AutoCAD.AcadApplication
        Dim thisdrawing As AutoCAD.AcadDocument
        strProfileName = Left$(sArgName, (Len(sArgName) - 4))
        Set acadApp = CreateObject("autocad.application.15")
        Set acadApp = GetObject(, "AutoCAD.Application.15")
        Set thisdrawing = acadApp.ActiveDocument
        acadApp.Preferences.Profiles.ActiveProfile = strProfileName
    End Sub
    Acad starts and runs and then hangs with the command line displaying:

    Menu loaded successfully. MENUGROUP: ACAD

    I have to click in the active window, hit esc or something to get the initialization to finish.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Default Re: Using VB6 to start Acad with profile

    AutoCAD is likely not finished loading the original profile when you attempt to change the profile. You might be able to use the GetAcadState method to determine if AutoCAD is ready.

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