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Thread: Holes - Double CSK and Double C'Bored

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    Default Holes - Double CSK and Double C'Bored

    Summary: Ability to place double CSK or C'Bored Holes, or be able to select which end the CSK or C'Bore feature is placed.

    Description: Option for double C-bore & C-sink on holes

    How Used: We need the choice to select either double counter-sunk holes - with different measurements each end, counter-sunk and counter-bored at either end and double counter-bored holes - with different measurements either end. This has now become even more imperative with the new functionality of being able to place a hole without using a sketch. By having the ability to control which end the counter-sink is put or of that matter a counter-bore or combination I would be able to resolve a workaround issue with derived parts and concentric holes and well as meeting and engineering requirement. Also need the annotation tool to go with this flexible functionality.

    Feature Affinity: Part Modeling

    Submitted By: Sam Antos on March 23, 2006
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    Default Re: Holes - Double CSK and Double C'Bored

    I think there is a need for compound holes as well - NPT, ORB etc. Unbrako and Holokrome (Make SHCS) also recomend a small chamfer at the bottom of the counterbore where their screws are used for example. Allowing access to iFeatures through the hole dialog may be a way to provide this (after ifeatures are improved - more on that later). An iFeature would need a property (or something similar) that would populate a holenote.

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    Default Re: Holes - Double CSK and Double C'Bored

    I've got to agree with this wish as I've been 'banging on' about it for years.

    But I've also got to add Centre Drills

    The selection should also include Centre Drills

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    Default Re: Holes - Double CSK and Double C'Bored

    Absolutly. When I used to use Drew's IVholes, I had centerdrills added to the spreadsheet. It worked good. We also need number and letter drills...

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    Default Re: Holes - Double CSK and Double C'Bored

    I have asked for this in the past also. The only thing I would add is option for threads on either or both ends.

    David Lloyd

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