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    I am currently working on a small portion of a stadium project, where there is a precast wall along the stands, the top of the wall follows the line of the stairs. We are putting new stands on the other side of the wall, and will need to knock out the sloped portion of the precast wall down to the floor.

    It would be really helpful if there was a way to edit the wall profile and have it apply to phasing, so that the wall has one profile in the existing phase, and another in the new phase.

    I realize that there are workarounds to this approach by creating two walls. However, in another project I just did, I did that a few times, and as you get into CD's, you start having a lot of problems with geometry joining if you split the wall too often.

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    Depending on the geometry, you might be able to use a window opening family (as opposed to the opening tool) to cut off the sloped piece. The openings are phase dependent.

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