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Thread: AEC Dimension puzzle

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    Question AEC Dimension puzzle


    You will find attached a 1m wall with an AEC dimension object indicating 10.

    - AEC dimension style>display properties>other shows the dimension style as Aec-Arch-M-100;

    - Pressing the edit button and modify for Aec-Arch-M-100, Primary Units>Scale Factor = 0.10;

    - Drawing unit is mm!!

    1 m = 1000 mm → 1000mm * 0.10 = 100 ≠ 10 !!

    If you change the dimension style Scale Factor to 1, the wall dimension reading will change to 1000 (which is the correct mm reading).

    Changing the scale factor to successive intermediate values, you conclude that the actual scale factor = dimension scale factor ^2 (squared)!!

    Is this a bug or some mistake i made?

    I need the dimension in cm (100 cm).Setting scale factor to sqrt(0.1) works, but the resulting scale, 0.316228, turns the dimension style incompatible with regular dimensions.

    Whoever solves this puzzle will save me a lot of effort and get my deepest appreciation!

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    Default Re: AEC Dimension puzzle

    I think you may be on to something.
    I couldn't get it to work either.

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