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Thread: Welcome and How to use this forum!!

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    Exclamation Welcome and How to use this forum!!

    Welcome to the official "un-official" Autodesk MEP Systems Wishlist Forum.

    Wishes posted here may be seen by Revit support and development team members but it is not a guarantee that they will get addressed. We hope that the Revit Team will come to rely on this list as a source of useful ideas.

    Please be as clear as possible about the feature you wish to see implemented. Please explain how and why you would use this feature with specific examples. These examples help Revit developers understand why you need it and how you would like it implemented.

    Adhere to these guidelines when making posts:
    • One post per wish -- you can assume we heard you the first time. Also, please search before posting new wishes. If you add to an old thread, that thread becomes new again.
    • One wish per post -- break all your wishes into separate posts: don't lump them all together!
    • Add polls to each wish -- this way we can see how much people want the feature. Make all polls with 5 options, from a gotta-have-it five stars ( ***** ) to don't-want-it one star ( * )
    • Visit the wish list forum often. Read. Think. Post. Your good ideas could become a feature in the next release of Revit!

    Topics in this forum will be categorized by release and status in their thread titles.

    For example: [2010] Customizable Demand Factors (OPEN)

    The following is a legend on what the status of each wish is:
    OPEN - Wish currently has not been addressed in a release of Revit MEP.
    PENDING - Wish has been partially addressed in a release of Revit MEP.
    CLOSED - Wish is no longer applicable due to other development.
    GRANTED - Wish has been implemented in a release of Revit MEP.

    This is a moderated forum. New threads will appear only after they have been reviewed. You may reply to an existing thread and are encouraged to do so.
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