Summary: Create iMate when inserting an iFeature

Description: Insert iFeature also creates composite iMate

How Used: We have several iFeatures which we can insert into our sheetmetal parts.

These iFeatures are our standard cut-outs where our standard library parts (boxes to be precise) will be mounted to.

It would be very cool if the inserted iFeature would automaticly create a (composite) iMate. (This iMate would have been defined when the iFeature was created with Extract iFeature).

Workflow would be:

1) Create new sheetmetal part

2) Insert iFeature --> Composite iMate will be created too

3) Create new assembly

4) Insert sheetmetal part

5) Insert library boxes (with "Use iMate" checked) --> Box snaps in place

Feature Affinity: Other

Submitted By: Teun Ham on March 24, 2006