i am trying to xref a fastener into my drawings and then the symbols right behind it as i used to use the insert command and it worked fine. the following is the macro i am using the first x-ref comes in but not the second

^C^C-XREF A S:/fastener/f1; ^C^C-INSERT S:/SYMBOLS/FASTMARK ;;;2

i the process of using the xref i noticed this (Xref "f1" has already been defined.
Using existing definition.) the whole i reason i wanted to get away from insert command to bring blocks into my drawings was to make sure i would get the current drawing and not some duplicate definition. Or does it only use a duplicate of the block through xref when the block has not been altered.

anyway if somebody knows what is wrong with my macro it would be greatly appreciated as i have about a 1000 macro to fix and need to get going