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Thread: Make IDW Part of the Part File

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    Default Make IDW Part of the Part File

    Summary: This would include the IDW Inventor file type as part of the IPT or IAM file. Instead of having multiple files, detail information would be included with the model.

    Description: It would be good if the idw became part of the part rather than a seperate file.

    How Used: The more we think about this the more reasons we come up with for including the drawing in with the part. Could it be done in a seperate window as the flat pattern in sheet metal enviroment? There would be less files to add to the vault. File size may be an issue, but would this be any different than having 2 seperate files? when adding assy's to the vault you wouldn't have to worry about going back and adding part idw's seperatly as when you add an assy you can add linked parts at the same time, which at the moment does not at the idw's of the parts.

    Feature Affinity: Drawing Manager

    Submitted By: Peter Roberts on April 7, 2006

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    Red face Re: Make IDW Part of the Part File

    Then would you include IPN's in this file as well? (MDT used to do something similar with scenes and drawings in assembly dwg). What about if you want an IDW with references to more than one assembly (do you have to reference, or catalog, these assemblies into the drawing IAM)?

    I agree this would be nice for most users, but may drastically change workflow. How would legacy files work? This could even be taken a step farther so that Inventor has only one filetype which includes sheets, parts, assemblies, iparts, etc.

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