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Thread: Calculate the Volume of a Container

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    Default Calculate the Volume of a Container

    Summary: Have the ability calulate the volume of a shelled or hollowed out part and find the specific gravity if it was filled with a virtual material.

    Description: I would like to query a hollow part model for the volume of the hollow void. Also, I would like to fill the void with a "virtual material" such as water or any custom material.

    How Used: This would be helpful to know the weight and specific gravity of a filled and unfilled vessel for example. I can simulate this now by modeling the filled fluid and assigning properties to it, but that could be a lot of work. It would be nice to do a "3D Fill" of some sort that creates a solid that I can assign properties to.

    Feature Affinity: Part Modeling

    Submitted By: David Salyer on April 8, 2006

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    Default Re: Calculate the Volume of a Container

    I've made tanks by first modeling the filling "liquid" as a part.
    Then I've derived the real tank plates outside modeled volume.
    Assembly simply by setting parts to assembly coordinate system and grounding.
    You can found center of gravities etc. as filled or as empty by switching first modeled part as default or refenrence part.

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    Default Re: Calculate the Volume of a Container

    THere is no way I would model the "filling liquid" first.
    Simply model the tank and then Derive Component and use Sculpt to fill to desired level and get the volume.

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    Default Re: Calculate the Volume of a Container

    Sure that's other way to find out the volume etc. afterwards.
    If the modeling has left any caps between parts you have to handle them by manually.
    In case you need spesific volume and shape for the tank it's easier to model the "filling" first and the tank surface plates will follow the tank shape exactly.

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