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Thread: Plot/No Plot icon in layer drop down

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    Default Plot/No Plot icon in layer drop down

    Summary: The ability to change the plot/no plot status of a layer in the layer drop down box.

    Description: Please bring the NON-PLOTTING icon back to the layers drop-down.

    When the ability to make layers other than defpoints be NON-plotting was first granted to us, the icon to indicate this state was in the Layer drop-down on the Layers toolbar. In subsequent versions it was removed in favor of the viewport freeze/thaw icon. I don't want to lose that one; to make room for another icon, why can't the drop-down box be re-sizable? Third party apps have been available to accomplish that. OR better, let us choose which states we need to see?

    How Used: I used the visible non-plotting state icon constantly to be sure my information-only dimensions, notes, etc. were on non-plotting layers, and that the items meant to plot, would. Especially on drawings I got from others, I could pick items that were not showing up in the preview, and see immediately if their layer was noplot.

    Feature Affinity: Toolbar

    Submitted By: Priscilla Mills on April 14, 2006

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