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Thread: HIDEPRECISION system variable

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    Default HIDEPRECISION system variable

    Summary: For the HIDEPRECISION system variable to be saved by drawing.

    Description: Hideprecision Lock in specific drawings

    How Used: I occasionally do some 3d and my systems doesn't have a lot of memory. When I try to print a 3d drawing it will sometimes drop some of the 3d elements leaving holes in my drawing and will have to set Hideprecision to 1. But it isn't saved so I have to remember to reset hideprecision to 1 almost every time. Hideprecision should be lockable in specific drawings. I know that my AcadDoc.lsp can be amended to set the value every time I open a file but I only need it in certain drawings.

    Feature Affinity: Hide/Shade

    Submitted By: Donald Boyer on April 13, 2006
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