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    Default Automatic Derived Parts

    Summary: Have the capability to auto-array derived parts in an assembly

    Description: Auto-derived parts

    How Used: I'd like Inventor to be able to automatically auto derive parts as it needs them. Here's a couple examples....

    Example 1: Let's say you have conveyor frame. The 4 steel angles that make up the corders of the frame have a bolt hole pattern on one leg where the first hole is 2" from one end and the holes are repeated every 6". Typically there's 2 different angles needed each with a quantity of 2. But at a certain length, the hold pattern is exactly centered making the assembly require only 1 angle with a quanity of 4.

    Example 2: Consider an A-Frame support for the above conveyor frame. The cross bracing is an "Array" for each set of cross bracing only as the array progresses upward/downward, the parts get longer or shorter. If you be nice if Inventor would allow you to use one part, array it and the other parts were automatically derived from the first as the array progressed.

    Feature Affinity: Part Modeling

    Submitted By: Darren Young on April 12, 2006
    Last edited by DarrenYoung; 2006-04-19 at 12:02 PM.

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