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Thread: How to Code an Excel Autosave

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    Default How to Code an Excel Autosave

    Every time I open my Excel spreadsheet via VBA-AutoCAD, my linked Excel file stops to ask if it should "Update all linked data"...

    My question...what must be added to tell Excel to do the "Update" automatically?

    Here is my code...

    xlfilename = path & "\" & dwgname & "-" & "KeyNotes Data Main.xls"

    I'm wondering if it isn't some additional arguement that just needs to be added to the above line of code, like... ,save ...or something!!

    Any help, clues or suggestions greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: How to Code an Excel Autosave

    I find that Excel will prompt when it contains linked data. Are your spreadsheets linked with other spreadsheets?

    Have you looked at the Calculation tab in the Options box within Excel? I'm not sure if the "Update remote references" box needs to be unchecked to remove this prompt. This may be what you are looking for.
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