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Thread: Customizing Land XML Report

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    Default Customizing Land XML Report

    How do I customize a report from Land XML? I am currently using LandDesktop 2005. I have created an XML Alignment Station and Curve Report. I need this report because it lists the Northing & Easting Coordinates. At this point I cannot get coordinates for Curve P.I.'s. How can I add that information into my report? I have looked into customizing my report, but that deals with just adding information in spaces they have created. Also, is it possible to export out only the information I want from XML into Microsoft Excel? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Customizing Land XML Report

    To truly customize a report, you would need to create or edit an existing XSL file (Style Sheet) or DTD file. Then you would need to include the tags for your Curve PI's and any other information you want to include. This would insert the data for the Tags and Identifiers along with any applicable attributes (not the Block Attributes, but a type of setting, that you may want to apply to the data). Below is an example of what an XML attribute is and does.
    You can find these files in the following folders C:\Program Files\Autodesk\LandXML Reporting 6\Support\xsl\. There are also some Getting Started files in the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\LandXML Reporting 6 folder to help you figure it out a little.
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