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Thread: How do I find my own threads / posts (especially if they have been "moved")

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    Question How do I find my own threads / posts (especially if they have been "moved")

    Forum Do's

    Quote Originally Posted by Extract from Forum Do's

    Remember to post in the correct forum. Take your time to look at the categories and forums provided as well as previously posted topics to help determine where your topic should go. If your topic is placed in the wrong forum, it will be moved by a moderator.
    When a thread is "moved" by a Forum Moderator a "redirect" is left in the original forum (refer to attached screen capture "AUGI_ForumThreadRedirect.png" for an example), therefore enabling the originator to easily find their "moved" thread (post).

    Generally "redirects" are removed from their original forums once it is clear the originator has seen the new location of their thread eg

    Originator has posted back in the thread, since the "move" action took place.
    At least a month has passed by, since the "move" action took place.

    Why are "redirects" removed from forums?

    * Basic house keeping duties.
    * Helps keep the forums clean and tidy.


    An individual can always find their own posts via...

    "Quick Links" drop-down forum menu (along the top, in-between "Search" and "Logout", refer to attached screen capture "AUGI_ForumMenu_QuickLinks_MyProfile.png") -> "My Profile" -> "Forum Info" area, either click link "Find all post by ForumUserNameHere" or "Find all threads started by ForumUserNameHere" (refer to attached screen capture "AUGI_MyProfile_ForumInfo.png").
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