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Thread: Ability to Open File with Missing References

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    Default Ability to Open File with Missing References

    Summary: Recovery tools to be able to open files that have bad or missing links.

    Description: I need a suite of recovery tools. Inv often stops you opening a file if there is a problem. This stops you from getting inside andfixing the problem. I need some tools that'll highlight the problem and allow me to fix it without having a graphics window.

    How Used: For example, resolving bad refernces in Presentation IPN files. Resolving the link to a bitmap in a drawing.
    I must be possible to open the file - without graphics - and for a recovery tool to highlight the problems so the can either be REMARKED out or manually resolved.

    Feature Affinity: Other

    Submitted By: Duncan Anderson on May 2, 2006

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    Default Re: Ability to Open File with Missing References

    You might want to look at
    "Ability to Recover Damaged IV Files"

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