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Thread: Tool Palettes created in AutoCAD 2006 does not like content added in AutoCAD 2007

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    Default Tool Palettes created in AutoCAD 2006 does not like content added in AutoCAD 2007

    This seems a strange situation to me. I have been preparing to simultaneously roll-out 2007 and new company standard tool palette at the same time. I have been slowly creating the new tool palettes in 2006 while waiting on our 2007 to arrive. Finally, yesterday I got my hands on 2007 and got it installed. I move on in creating my tool palettes, but using 2007 instead of 2006...which is where the problem begins. 2007 lets me create a new palette in addition to the 5 I had previously created in 2006. Once it's created, though, it will not let me drag any new items onto that palette. It does absolutely error or anything. It will let me drag a block to one of the exisitng palettes (the ones created in 2006). It will also let me copy a block form one of the previously created palettes to the new 2007-created palette. soon as I close 2007, the palette disappears. When I re-open 2007, I only see the original 5 2006-created palettes.

    Just for kicks, I re-opened 2006, and created a new palette to see if it would stay, and sure enough, when I open that in 2007 it is there...but 2007 still won't keep any that are created in that version. The palette, and any blocks added to it in 2007 disappear when I close it.

    This is vanilla AutoCAD 2006 and 2007 I am referencing, none of the verticals. The tool palette files are currently on my hard drive, with both 2006 and 2007 pointing to that directory. Admittedly, this is my first run at using the tool palette feature, so I may be missing something simple here...Any idea what is happening?!?

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    Default Re: Tool Palettes created in AutoCAD 2006 does not like content added in AutoCAD 2007

    Just a thought. Have you tried migrating your 2006 customizations to 2007?

    I found that it brought everything across, even superseded toolbars.

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