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Thread: Analysis Results as Parameters

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    Default Analysis Results as Parameters

    Summary: Results of analysis should be exported to the parameters table.

    Description: I wish the results of an Analysis (e.g. cross-section) or of an AutoLimit measurement would be placed in the Parameters Table of the part/asm to which it applies.

    I would like the AutoLimit and Analysis parameters to be grouped like the Model Parameters, User Parameters, and imported parameters. I would like the parameters autonamed such that the name of the AutoLimit or Analysis comes first, followed by an underscore, then followed by a descriptive name. (e.g. CrossSectionAnalysis1_Area)

    How Used: I would use the Parameters to link to other parts, assemblies, Excel calculations, Parts Lists, Balloons, and Text.

    Feature Affinity: Other

    Submitted By: Joshua Petitt on May 19, 2006

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    Default Re: Analysis Results as Parameters

    I know this wish is 6 years old, but I would like to know that the usage scenario for this would be. I also would be concerned that as these numbers update you could potentially create a circular reference of equations in the parameters window!


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