I am trying to create a routine that will allow the user to select a polyline, and its start point, then have the lisp routine automate creating text that specifies the distance from the beginning of the polyline and the offset from the polyline of a point that contains an attribute. This part of the routine is the step prior to my other post on replacing text in a drawing, it is the step that will create the text.

If at all possible I would like to have the "X" coordinate of the text insert to be = to the distance from the start point, with a specific "y" coordinate and if the text will overlap, specify a minimum distance apart for the next text object.

The main points that I need help with is getting the information, and then actually creating the text object. I am not sure how to create something from nothing, the only thing up to this point that I have ever been able to do is edit something that already exists.

any help is greatly appreciated.