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Thread: True 3-D

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    Default True 3-D

    I would like to know when Land Development Desktop is going to be 3-D, and not this suto 3-D the venders are trying to sell.

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    Default Re: True 3-D

    It is truly 3D already. Granted it's not full blown 3d capability, but if you want that, get studio max, or Viz.

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    Cool Re: True 3-D

    you can do just about anything (3D wise) with LDD that you can with VIZ or 3D Studio max, except, of course, motion.
    Autodesk has said they will retire LDD at some point and Civilt 3D will be the format of the future. It's too bad they couldn't put this funtionallity into LDD but the Idea of everything being intelligent, 3D data that is dynamicaly linked is very exciting (also a little scary).
    The timeframe seems to be unknown, as they try to "perfect" the product. Who knows when it will really happen.
    Rock on

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