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    This is a small and simple request that won't make much of a difference in the big scheme of things but would be nice to have. It would be helpful if there was a complete list of keyboard shortcuts accessible from the Help file that could be easily printed out. I opened up and printed the "keyboardshortcuts.txt" file but it is not an elegant solution. The shortcut is listed first with the menu string following. You have to read the end of each line to find the command that you are looking for. This makes sense for the software to reference but is awkward for us humans. I would like for the proposed Help file list to be alphabetized by command with the shortcut following. i.e. split walls and lines = SL. I could cut & paste the info into our word processor and reorganize it myself but it seems like a logical thing to have in the Help files. Again, this is not a big deal (and I may even sound a little bit whiney) but it would be nice.
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    Let's also have a Command Alias Editor like the one found in AutoCAD Express Tools where we can edit shortcuts on the fly. They would be listed alphabetically and could be changed on the fly without having to restart Revit.


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