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    Default Gradients

    Can anyone tell me the easiest method of creating the correct contours
    of a site? I have imported a file from AutoCAD for the site contours and thats all
    good, but now that i have placed my building on it i need to correct parts which may need to be cut or filled to suit.

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    Default Re: Gradients

    the easiest method assuming you have a 3D autocad file, is:

    1. select the imported 3D contour data in the drawing area.
    2. then add points from the selected layers dialogue box which appears.
    3. select the layers you what Revit to apply elevation points to & click OK.
    4. Revit should then analyze the imported 3D data and generate a toposurface based on the elevation points placed along the contour lines.
    5. click finish surface when done.

    However, most surveyors, I've dealt with in Oz, don't supply you with a 3D file, at the very very best you can get a "points" file and import them, but most usually give you a flat 2D file.

    Then unfortunately, you create to surface by picking points along the imported contour line, at a set value for the Elevation (set value in Options Bar).

    The revit help gives a good step-by-step procedure... clear as mud...
    Cheers @blads
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