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Thread: Cross Section Point Labels

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    Default Cross Section Point Labels

    I am having a problem creating new point labels for cross section points using Sheet Manager. I want to label elevation and offsets for the pcodes I have defined in my cross sections, but cannot get the new settings to save with the sheet style.

    My points are definitely defined (I can output the elevation and offset to a text file using Tplate Points to File from the Cross Section menu). I have a sheet style defined that prints my cross sections, EG elevations and offsets, and FG elevations and offsets for pcode#1 (centerline) and pcode#16 (catch)- the pre-defined text labels.

    When I try to create new elevation and offset labels for my user-defined point codes (#25-36 in my case), I cannot get the label definition to save with the sheet style. I go through the following steps to try and create it:

    1. From 'Edit Attached Text Labels' screen, select 'Add'
    2. Under Style I select <none> and type a new name in the Style Name box
    3. I select 'Edit' and change the text properties and then under Text Label Format select 'Edit' again
    4.Change Code Category to appropriate code (XS Pnt #27, for example) and change Code to Point Code Elevation.
    5. Click 'Add Code to Text Format' button and see 'XS Pnt #27|Point Code Elevation' in lower box.
    6. Select 'OK' to get back to Text Label Properties, Select 'OK" again to get back to 'Select Style", select 'OK' once more to get to Edit Attached Text Labels.

    My new style is listed under currently attached text labels, yet the Design Data Point information defaults back to Alignment|Station, etc. and not the XS Pnt info the pre-defined ones show. If I click on edit, for my new style, all the value I have entered have returned to the default values. Essentially, I am unable to create a new label style that keeps the value I specify. Can anyone see where I've gone wrong? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Cross Section Point Labels


    When you generate a sheet, the labels are not generated.


    Use the following troubleshooting suggestions to determine why labels do not display in a generated sheet:

    Make sure the codes are valid

    Make sure the information you are trying to label is logical. For example, you cannot label a cross section cut volume on a plan frame, or a profile elevation on a section sheet.

    Check the text size

    If the text size of the label is set incorrectly, the text may be too small to see. Verify the text height in the Text Label Properties dialog box. If you are unsure what a reasonable value might be, compare the height with the height of labels that are generated correctly.

    If the drawing is complex, temporarily specify a unique rotation angle for the labels, such as 45 degrees, so that the text stands out from the rest of the drawing.

    Check the text style

    Specify a text style that you have used successfully for another label. If you are using a custom text style, try using one of the default text styles such as STANDARD.

    Verify the label layers are being created

    Temporarily specify a unique layer such as TEST_ME. If this layer is created when the sheet is generated, then the data is plotted on the sheet. Also check for frozen layers and text size.

    If the layer is not generated, there may be a problem with your data. Make sure the data exists. For example, if you are trying to label transition points, make sure the current alignment has transitions. If the data does not exist, the label are not created.

    Use the Troubleshooting wizard

    Use the Sheet Manager Troubleshooting wizard included in Help.

    From the Help menu, choose Help Topics.
    On the Contents tab, Select Autodesk Civil Design Help Topics > Sheet Manager Help Topics > Troubleshooting > Troubleshooting Overview

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