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Thread: 3D Molecular Models on Wikipedia

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    Lightbulb 3D Molecular Models on Wikipedia

    This is more of a "wouldn't it be sort of neat" idea for exposing the dwf format. The 3d zooming and rotating of molecules as dwfs on wikipedia would be interesting. There is a lot of information you could embed in the dwfs like elements, bond strengths, or bond lengths. Just a thought.

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    Default Re: 3D Molecular Models on Wikipedia

    I think it's a great idea. 3D visualization at the molecular level would be interesting and help those high school Chemistry 101 students out quite a bit.

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    Default Re: 3D Molecular Models on Wikipedia


    This is a great idea. It seems like there would be a lot of interest in modelling molecular, submolecular, nano, etc... type objects.

    However, it could be a problem getting 'scientists' to use one of Autodesk's products (Inventor? or some bio-science/medical vertical?). My experience is that they're so busy with their current processes they have little time to devote to learning complex modelling techniques required to produce detailed interactive objects.

    And I agree fully with your post... students would love 'seeing' this type of stuff. I know I would have when I was a Microbiology student at ASU.

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