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Thread: Text Formatting Extended to iProperties

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    Default Text Formatting Extended to iProperties

    Summary: Have more control of text properties to apply to Iproperties like descripton, material, etc.

    Description: I would like to always have the option in the format text dialog box to select a standard or custom Iproperty like description, material, partnumber, stock number etc.

    How Used: When modeling a part, I create a new sketch. Then I select the text option. The format text dialog box appears. The fields Type & Property are greyed out. When I use an ordinary text string, this string is not saved in an property or what so ever. It can’t be reused or controlled from an Ipart factory.

    When the text can be linked to an (custom)Iproperty it can not only be reused but can also be controlled by an Ipartfactory.

    Feature Affinity: Part Modeling

    Submitted By: M.J. Wassenaar on June 1, 2006

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    Default Re: Text Formatting Extended to iProperties

    I totally agree with this. It should defiantly be possible in the next release. Especially links to custom Iproperties.

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